JC Penney National H.C.S.C. Alumni Club Donation

Dear Partners,

We recently converted our member dues payment program to

Quickbooks Online in 2024 and discovered that one of the

idiosyncrasies of this new technology is that donation gifts could not

exceed the grand total of your member dues total. Example: $50.00 in

your member dues total would allow you to only donate $50.00 to the

Club. Because of this limitation, our gifts in 2024 are over $6500.00

less than last year.

We are hoping that you will Choose To Make A Donation Below to recoup this financial shortfall.

How does the Club use your Donations?

Producing our popular Partners magazine 3 times per year and the cost of mailing it to you.

Funding the new Golden Rule Award for Community Service.

Funding our 50 Year Pin Recognition Program and the Century Club Recognition Program.

Support for the H.C.S.C Foundation.

Funding participation in the Golden Rule Days Event annually in Kemmerer, WY

Operation expenses including bookkeeping, insurance, legal,

postage, Quickbooks, national website, taxes and other fees.

We thank you in advance for your generous contributions to support

the numerous expenses and priorities of our Club!

Steve Strom, President    

John Gresham, 1st Vice President

Manny Fernandez, 2nd Vice President

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